Explore our range of hansom accessories

At Matinique we have a large selection of hansom accessories for men. Our accessories cover all the must-have accessories every man needs. In our selection of accessories you will find everything from bags purses, to ties and belts that can help you complete your outfit. It should also be no secret that our accessories give you a unique opportunity to make your style completely unique and let your individuality shine through. Because the style of Matinique is masculine and aimed at the urban man with a modern style and who wants to let his personality shine through his clothes. Explore the site and find your new favourite accessories from Matinique.   

Accessories for all occasions

In our large selection of accessories you will find everything you need to put the final touch on your outfit. If there is a big party coming up, we have beautiful ties and belts that you can wear to your suit. If, on the other hand, you need a new bag for everyday chores, we have that too. Accessories for the urban and stylish man we have plenty of and we most certainly also have something for you. With a new season comes new trends and colors, why we continuously update our assortment of accessories so you are always updated on the latest trends and tendencies.

Buy accessories online at Matinique

Have you found accessories from Matinique that suits your taste? Luckily it is not a problem to order them via our website. When you place an order with us, we pack your order and make sure you have it within 4-5 business days. On our website you get free shipping when you buy for more than € 99 (Shipping costs up to €23) and you get a 30 day full return policy.

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