The Royal Danish Theatre

Matinique at the playhouse, the opera house and the old house.

The experience starts in the foyer of the three houses. There is a special atmosphere in the historic buildings of the Royal Danish Theatre and  the air is filled with expectation and great stories. The Danish clothing brand Matinique is now a permanent part of the audience’s experience at the theatre. The foyers in the three houses are decorated by some of Denmark’s greatest artists. In connection with this, Matinique manifests itself as a quality conscious brand and relates to the guests’ lifestyle.
All the front desk staff are dressed in collections from Matinique. In connection with the new visual identity of The Royal Danish Theatre, there is a match in business partner and shared values. Together we try to balance between the traditional and modern and the expected and surprising.

Matinique is a central part of the experience at the Royal Danish Theatre. Not only will Matinique be the first to meet the 600.000 annual guests, Matinique will also be implemented in an atmosphere where aesthetics and quality are essential. In addition to art  by Per Arnoldi and Olafur Eliasson, the foyers serve as showroom for Matinique. Together with The Royal Theatre, Matinique tells a common story about the theatrical and the menswear brand’s identity.