Nordic Food Served in Matinique

Format is a newly-opened gourmet restaurant in Copenhagen with the mission to change the Danes perception of what hotel restaurants are capable of. Restaurant Format opened the 16th of August 2017. The restaurant shares location with the hotel SKT. Annæ who has been the driving force behind the renovation of Restaurant Format and Form bar.

What type of restaurant is Format?
I think we are very close to our sister restaurants formel B and Uformel. I will place us at the better end of middle class segment of restaurants.

What makes Format unique on the Danish restaurant scene?
The ingredients we use stand out from the traditional Nordic ingredients, and we are inspired by the Asian, especially the Japanese kitchen, where you find some interesting flavor combinations in the dishes.“Our ambition is to create a simple expression with the highest quality components. Dishes have a format that will surprise and excite and are all prepared in an ambitious, international kitchen. We want to create a space, a menu and a wine list, that can adapt to whatever you require. We want our food to express all of what we know and where we have been. To contain some of our own character and to, in turn, excite”.You are able to find both pleasing dishes and challenge yourself with the more advanced Format menu.

Why is the Restaurant called Format?
One of our partners, Christian from Formel B, came up with the name when we were brain storming: The place has format. It is situated  on SKT. Annæ Place in Copenhagen with large buildings, newly renovated high ceilings and the materials used are robust.

Who is the team behind Restaurant Format?
The main entrepreneur is Claus Hildebrandt, who owns hotel Ascot and hotel SKT. Annæ, where Format is located. The team at Format is a collaboration between the formel B team, William Smith, Head Chef & Partner and Morten Steen Andersen, Service Director & Partner. Both Will and Morten have had extensive careers in Denmark as well as overseas. This collaboration is however, their first time out on their own with the backing up of Kristian Arpe-Møller and Rune Amgild Jochumsen from formel B.

What does the staff uniform mean for a place like Format?
It means a lot – and especially when you call yourself Format, then you need to keep it sharp. The guys are wearing suit pants, a shirt with rolled sleeves, tie and a waistcoat to look sharp but more hip and less formal.

Can you tell us about the decoration and location  of the restaurant?
The philosophy when renovating the hotel SKT. Annæ, the idea was to make a modern boutique hotel and particularly in the restaurant, where we have the open atrium that gives this Copenhagen backyard feel with lots of wooden materials. A big tree in the middle and light chains to the facade of the building.

Why is Matinique a good match for Restaurant Format?
Matinique is a good match because the brand has format, history and quality – and these are essential  values for us as well.