Nephew Performing in Matinique Tuxedos

Meet the Danish electro rock band performing in Matinique Tuxedos.

We are called Nephew because… 
A Nephew can be sweet, kind and nicely groomed and at the same time have a rebellious and bold side – duality has always been a part of the band DNA. The family relation in the name also has a pride in terms of generations and the big community that we are just a fragment of. To be fair we just think it sounds cool – not that much else.

Nephew has existed since… 
1996, Aarhus, Denmark.

Our signature sound is… 
Square, melodic, electro rock… Greatness… 
and beer choir!

Nephew is a permanent unit with an unchangeable style, but at the same time a collective open for new inputs and expressions. It has been with a liberating naturalness that Marie has joined. She has stepped in with an energy and a different take on music that has helped strengthen us socially as well as musically. Marie Højlund is from Aarhus, and is the newest member of Nephew, who is back after four years.

What is the creative thoughts on the visual universe on your “Winter In Circle” tour, and why did you choose to perform in tuxedos?
Visually we have been in a collaboration with scenographer Christian Albrechtsen and afterwards sent the material through our regular graphic artist Esben Niklasson. Both are working with sharp and simple aesthetics that support our new material, which is anchored around circles and that everything happens in circles – the seasons, history, generations etc. An important part of the visual expression is the clothes we are wearing. For quite some years we have been uniformed on stage to show community and unity. When we were looking for the new uniform, the tuxedo was a pretty straightforward choice because of the sharpness and simplicity and at the same time it is very classic.

What does the visual appearance mean to you?
Visuals are a great part of Nephew and we are putting a lot of thought into it – everything from graphics and cover art to press images, scenography and dress code on stage. We like to create a universe that the audience can choose to step into and where they can join us in adding value.  

What experience would you like to create for the audience?  
We are a community that would very much like to invite others in. A concert with Nephew should not be a passive experience, which means that the audience “signs” a contract to co-operate and take part in making it a great concert – there should be singing along, clapping and love thrown in all directions. We will take the lead, but we will only be able to create the special experience together. 

Do you have a ritual together before entering the stage? 
It has changed over time, but usually we stand in a circle with our arms around each other’s shoulders saying a few words and yelling a bit. With Marie on board it might be time for new rituals?

You did not know this about Nephew…
Before we chose the name Nephew, there were suggestions like “Conan Doyle”, “Cauliflower”, “Walkie Talkie” and “Rearview Theatre” – probably for the best, that we landed on Nephew