Alexandre Turcotte

During a coffee break at Hof Kelsten, a bakery located on the neighbourhood border to Mile End, we meet with influencer Alexandre Turcotte. He’s a local fashion blogger who currently writes for a Montréal based men’s fashion blog, but has a past in communications and culture, both as an archivist for the National Film Board of Canada as well as in the world of museums.

To an outsider, how would you explain what Montréal is about in terms of ambience and fashion?
Montréal is a patchwork of different cultures, smells, people, passions and languages. It has a unique touch and great variety of different styles, mostly due to the fact that we have to dress for four different seasons, each very different from the other. In a general sense, the interest in fashion is strong here. There are many “young” street brands who are internationally known, such as Atelier New Regime and Dime - but also big players like Ssense and Frank and Oak.

What is your go-to spot in the city?
Every neighbourhood is really different from one another, but in general, the entire vibe of the city is always nice and welcoming. I really enjoy the Plateau Mont-Royal and the Mile-End for their great variety of bars, boutiques, niche shops, creative spaces and cafés - all great places for meeting new and interesting people. There’s also a lot of parks around the city where you can rest and chill with your friends.  

What is style to you?
“Style” is sort of reflecting your personality through what you wear and how you dress. One could always wear something “fashionable” but lack the important aspect of individuality. To be true to yourself, and to reflect it to your style, is to represent oneself by picking garments that tell people around you who you are and what your interests are - via the fabrics that move you, or the colours that speak to you.

Why is Matinique an option for you?
I love Matinique for two reasons. First, it’s a brand with great quality. Personally, I always find quality (durability) to be of great importance when I shop for clothes as I always want to maximise the amount of time I can wear it. Secondly, I really enjoy the diverse aspect of the brand. In one way, Matinique can be very clean or formal, but at the same time it can be very colourful and fun - with a punch of coolness.

What can people who follow you expect?
As I mentioned, I am enthusiastic about many things. Therefore, people can expect all sorts of entertainment varying from sneakers, music, cinema, grooming and overall pop-culture. I’m also a very active person in the sense of going to different kinds of events and places. Always trying to connect with new people and to start new projects!