FDB x Matinique

FDB x Matinique
A collaboration between two great danes, 
that encourages you to take a moment to sit 
back and reflect in these hectic times.

Great minds think alike. 
Matinique has always aimed to provide great style and quality at a good price. The same goes for furniture manufacturer FDB who have a long history of offering strong design, comfort and functionality but at an affordable level. It seemed natural therefor that the two companies should join forces and collaborate to produce something that is practical, stylish and egalitarian. And so the J81 Reflect edition chair was born.

The classic J81 chair was originally created by Jørgen Bækmark back in the heyday of Danish design. Now released in a special limited edition, it has been reinterpreted by Matinique to showcase their strong masculine style and eye for detail. Taking inspiration from the colour of Steve McQueen’s classic Porsche sports car, the chair comes in an exclusive deep slate grey with black woven seat. At the same time, it retains the perfect proportions and craftsmanship that made it a classic in the first place.

And the name? 
Well, in these hectic and chaotic times, maybe one of the best functions of a comfortable chair is the opportunity to just sit back and take a few moments to reflect. Good furniture, like good clothes, should form the background to your life and allow you space to think and be yourself. The J81 Reflect edition chair does just that.