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It is affirming and incredible to think about the fact that Matinique stands on top of 50 years of history. Throughout all these years, remarkably many individuals, in one way or another, have had an impact and left an impression on Matinique and where the brand is today.

We love to include people with a passion and great story to the brand and we value the strong relationships. They are indispensable and essential for us to continue having a place on the menswear scene to this day. With the marking of our anniversary, it is precisely these relationships and these special people that we want to focus on and celebrate.

With our FIFTY Stories Project, we introduce some of the people who have a special story and have been - and still are - with us on Matinique's journey. We pay a tribute to the hands and minds that every day make Matinique what it is by sharing the captivating stories from the inspiring people out there.

We hope you will welcome them and find it interesting to get to know them all and Matinique better.