In our lifestyle universe you will experience lots of styling inspiration, product information and stories from different partnerships. We share stories on campaign collabs like Dutch basketball player Jessey Voorn, sponsorships as Standard Liége in Belgium, travel guides for Stockholm, Amsterdam and Montréal and much more. You will find tips on how to pick the right items to update your seasonal wardrobe, and how to select just the right piece of outerwear.


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Be inspired by our lifestyle universe

On this page you can be inspired for your own styling and learn more about our many wardrobe favourites. At Matinique, we strive to dress the modern man for a stylish life in the city. That's why our collections are timeless and a combination of casual and formal looks. With styles from Matinique you get a modern and classic style, where you not least have the opportunity to express your own individuality. Our design is masculine, modern, sharp and functional with a special focus on materials, the perfect fit, and classic craftsmanship. 

Matinique as a part of your everyday life

Get behind the brand and our Matinique lifestyle and get an insight into some of our popular styles. For example, explore our MApete trousers and washable suits, or check out our outerwear guide if you would like to get an overview of our many different jackets for different occasions. You can also learn more about our many products made of merino wool and not least the many qualities of wool and how you should treat your wool styles. The inspiration for all our styles comes from our Nordic roots, where tradition and modernity merge with high-quality materials and craftsmanship with detail in focus.

Our various collaborations

On this page you can also read much more about our many, exciting campaign collaborations. You can read about our collaborations with various restaurants, including Restaurant Palægade, where emphasis has been placed on the atmosphere and clothes matching so that they interact to create just the right expression. You can also read about our exciting collaboration with musician Simon Kvamm, who with his music and personality embraces a wide range, and is a good example of today's modern man with his raw and masculine expression. Common to all our collaborations is that they have both character and edge and are a great inspiration for many Danish men. And that's exactly what we want to do with Matinique. 

Find your style with Matinique

Take a look around and be inspired for your personal style. If you have found your new wardrobe favourite you can easily place and order via our website. Our website is open around the clock and you can shop when you have the time. When placing an order, we will deliver your order within 4-5 business days, and if you shop for more than € 99, you also get free shipping (Shipping costs up to €23). 

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