The Best Lunching.
Two awesome picks from the café & lunch scene in Stockholm.
Pom & Flora.
A perfectly composed little café with excellent touches of detail. A great place to start the day.
Bondegatan 64, Stockholm // @cafepomflora
This café commits strongly to eye-catching interior design and are always ready to provide your coffee fix.
Rådmansgaten 57, Stockholm // @gastcafe
Two Must Eats For A Rustic Dinner.
Stockholm offers a huge amount of great restaurants. These two gives you a no bullshit and down-to-earth experience. Great food, cozy atmosphere and service on point.
Roslagsgatan 6, Stockholm // @restobabette
Norra Agnegatan 43, Stockholm // @restaurang_agnes
Stockholm's newest design hotel.

We spent three days at Hobo, a boutique hotel in Brunkenbergstorg, central Stockholm – but it’s far more than just a hotel. Hobo’s name was inspired by the travelling lifestyle of 1930s America. Even though the name is taken from history, the creators of the hotel always strive to be progressive and are mindful that the future is their greatest inspiration. Hobo has managed to create a unique community: a place where you can live, work, create, learn and have fun together. 201 hotel rooms, plus two floors of bar and restaurant, a café, a stage and SPACEby, the cool and inspiring pop-up area for collabs between local creators, Hobo and their guests.

To everyone visiting Hobo it is clear how they unite the hyper urban brutalism of Brunkebergstorg with a feeling of freedom and easiness like traveling through continents in a vintage VW camper and preparing food at a campfire. Award-winning Berlin-based designer Werner Aisslinger has created the look and feel of a hotel for guests who love the adventure of traveling, experiencing pure materials, nature, community, music and good conversation.