Leiden Concept Store

Get to know Randy Koetsier, owner of two Matinique Concept Stores in the Netherlands.

What were your first thoughts back in 2016 when you opened the Matinique Concept Store in Amsterdam?
Let’s do this! We have one shot. Let’s make it count.

What did you do before joining the Matinique family?
I opened retail stores for brands (Levis, Sinner, PME Legend, etc. etc.) And I was also a account manager in the wholesale, but that is not my thing so I went back to retail asap.

How do you feel about opening your second Matinique store in The Netherlands?
Scared! I am doing everything by myself.

And why did you choose Leiden as the second location?
The landlord contacted us and I am born in the city of Leiden. I also know that Leiden as a city is investing a lot in the shops and the retail experience. I think this is the perfect timing to go to Leiden.

What’s unique about the Matinique Concept Stores?
The experience, the style and level of service. All the Matinique clothes and vintage furniture look amazing together and with this lifestyle concept we are unique.

What does Matinique represent to you?
Clean, stylish, affordable and high-quality fashion for the modern man.

Why is Matinique a good match for the Dutch market?
The fit, the price, the quality and the style of course!

How can Matinique support Amsterdam fashion?
To stay with the Matinique DNA! Stay with yourself and hold your own identity, then the rest will come with the stores.

The sky is the limit right? Where do you set your limit for Matinique in The Netherlands?
In the sky. Let us focus first on the things what we have. I do not want to rush and only make stores 85% ready. If we have the opportunity to open a third store than we will do it. But not now.

What have been the best selling items for you?
Jackets are number one but there a lot of articles that are close. Margrate merino  or the Pristu chinos are also very good.

Concept store image