Crew Collective & Café - Montréal.

Probably the coolest Café you will ever visit. Find the perfect style for your next Café visit and experience Montréal the awesome coffee spot.

The high ceiling contributes to an almost divine sensation, and in the midst of it all you can enjoy a cup of one of Montreal’s best coffees all in an office setting out of the ordinary. Crew Collective & Café is a combination of a membership-based workspace and a café. Anyone is welcome to enjoy a hot beverage and work in the common area as well as utilize the bookable meeting rooms. However, if that’s not enough, they offer the possibility to work in private areas by becoming a member of the collective.

All drinks, food and pastries are easily ordered directly by the counter or, if you feel more modern, by the tip your fingers via their online order service – delivered directly to your spot!

The Perfect Style For Your Next Café Visit

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Crew Collective & Café - Continued.

Once the tallest building in the British Empire. Montréal’s scenic Vieux Port de Montréal (Old Port) is densely decorated with magnificent architecture. With a heritage dating back to the early 1600s, some of the buildings found in these quarters predate the country they now are in. Other, much younger landmarks share their architectural history with the 20’s and 30’s building-boom of cities such as Boston and New York City.

One of these – once the tallest building in the British Empire – is the Royal Bank Tower, located at 360 rue Saint-Jacques. Completed in 1928, the structure stood tall as the national head office of the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) for decades to come. However, in 2012, the last branch of RBC left its prestigious tower, which opened up for a new tenant Crew Collective & Café. A unique transformation located in the buildings’ ground floor, Crew Collective & Café occupies a neo-gothic masterpiece. What once was RBC’s main hall, with busy teller booths and pompous decorations to signal its prosperity, has today been transformed into a café with in a unique setting. Among freelance workers and the local coffee enthusiasts, astonishing details can be located everywhere you look. 

This astounding mix of past and present makes this spot a must-go if you find yourself strolling through the neighborhood or need a place to get some work done.