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It is with great excitement that we introduce our icon campaign with the Dutch fitness entrepreneur and author, Arie Boomsma. A widely talented figure who has made a significant impact throughout his thoughtful approach to subjects such as mental health and personal development. We are celebrating our 50 years with a dialogue about self-confidence and being true to oneself, and Arie’s contribution to this is essential.

Talent Arie Boomsma Photo- and videographer Milan Gino / Grooming Jitske Serné

What are you wearing right now?

Gym shorts and a white Matinique t-shirt.


How would you describe your style?
I don’t have a word for it, but I like comfortable fabrics without prints. And preferably always must be able to jump on a table with the clothes I wear or do some burpees in them.


Which item in your wardrobe has a special story attached to it – and what’s the story?

Since a few years the story about my wardrobe is ‘one in, one out’. So, whenever I get something new, I give away something else. Keep it lean and minimal.


What is never out of fashion?
A well-fitting basic t-shirt.

When have you believed in yourself the most?

I love hearing that something can’t be done or is too risky to try. Whenever others don’t believe in me or in my idea, is when I must believe in myself.


Which advice would you give your ten years younger self?
Be patient. No need to rush.


How do you express your personality?
In tone of voice, mostly. In conversation as well as on my socials.


Where do you get your inspiration from?
Books, podcasts, socials, arts.


You have achieved a lot already, but what do you still dream of?
I would love to set up a gym for the elderly. Weight training, conditioning, balance, and cognition work, all in a beautiful setting with classical music and jazz on the speakers..

City or nature?

Nature. I love living in nature, as a harbour almost and then venturing out to the city for work.


Pasta or pizza?
Not much of a dough guy really, but I do like a classic Italian pasta; garlic, tomato, basil.


Running or biking?

Biking. It’s my main choice of transportation.


Shirt or t-shirt?
T-shirt. Good quality and ironed.


Quiet life or party?
Quiet life. I love silence, as a springboard for creativity, health, reflection, and meditation.

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