Hommes Equipe

Who are Hommes Equipe?
Hommes Equipe are three different individuals, but if it comes down to love for fashion they are one. We’ve got Marcelino Playfair who is the man behind the scenes. He started photography as a hobby when he was 15 and along the years he fine-tuned his signature style, which people can see on the photos he takes for Hommes Equipe. He likes to take pictures of others, but doesn’t want to get in front of the camera himself.  Mr. Shy guy if you ask us.

Then we got Addy van Santvoort who is the opposite and loves to be in front of the camera and love to shine. Haha - not really! Addy is 35 years of age and he is half Dutch and half Moluccan.
When he’s not doing Hommes Equipe, he is a steward at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

Finally, last but not least, we have Jefferson Muzo, also 35 years of age. He was born on Curaçao,  a small island in the Caribbean, but raised in Amsterdam.
He is a social worker in Amstelveen.

When did you start working together?
We started our adventure back in 2015. Marcelino and Addy didn’t know each other back then. Jefferson made the match and brought everybody together and that is how
Hommes Equipe got started.

What makes you strong as a team?
Part of the fact is that we three are all different individuals but we are a tight group of three ‘brothers’. We all have a different view on how we see fashion but it connects well and we hope to inspire people.

What is special about the way you work?
Even though we have different styles, we definitely connect on the same level. Also, as mentioned before, the sense of brotherhood makes Hommes Equipe special.

Why is Amsterdam a great base for you?
There are so many opportunities here in Amsterdam with regards to fashion. It gives us the freedom to be opinionated, rebellious and adventurous.  

Also it is a place where people are not afraid to make a fashion statement. This is the personification of
Amsterdam in our opinion. Besides, many fashion labels have chosen Amsterdam as their location for their
European headquarters. So it’s a true fashion city!

Based on the tendencies in the market, what is your main focus at the moment?
Our main focus for the last couple of years has been Instagram, but we also want to focus ourselves on brand campaigns and making videos.

Where do you see the development leading you in the future?
Hopefully in the future we will start our own brand.

You have a Fashion Message – tell us more, what is it?

Everybody says be yourself. Our message is not to be you but to be different. Stand out and try something new. Try something that others, like friends and colleagues, maybe won’t try. When everybody dresses black, go for red. Express yourself!

How are you working with this message?
At every occasion we get to be different. You have done quite a few collaborations with Matinique.  Why is Hommes Equipe and Matinique a good match? The combination of simplicity, modernity and the craftsmanship of the clothes of Matinique are aspects that go hand in hand with what Hommes Equipe stands for. It is the clothes that make the man they say and that is definitely what Matinique does.

Fun Fact: Tell us something, we did not know about Hommes Equipe?
Hommes Equipe probably wouldn’t exist if the ladies of Frida & Monroe hadn’t being pushing to start a mens blog, so thank you ladies!