Meet influencer Jez Verweij. He is 23 years old, from Belgium now living in Switzerland.

Tell us a bit about yourself  

My name is Jez, 23 years old and currently living in Switzerland.  I have a Dutch name and Belgian origins. I grew up in a small village on the border in between the two countries.  I love sports, fashion and travelling. When I was studying at University, I worked at a local suit-store selling ready to wear and made to measure suits.  


What do you like the most about Switzerland?  

I moved to Switzerland in 2020 and I must say the biggest advantages are definitely the beautiful mountains, nice chocolates and lakes!  


Favorite go to spots?  

My favourite spots in Switzerland would definitely include lake Lucerne and lake Zürich, this due to the aesthetic calmness these two lakes have. In addition to that, you get an amazing mountain side view of the Pilatus mountain in Lucerne and the Alps in Zürich!  


Where do you go to find inspiration?

I think inspiration is to be found all around you. I take in a lot of style and inspiration from movies and public role models. I think you are drawn naturally by people and ideas which inspire you, this should be both online and offline.


Why is Matinique a good match for you?  

Matinique fits me well not only because their clothing hugs the taller men too, but also due to their modern Scandinavian image, in my opinion a classy but playful brand which combines heritage with timeless class. 


Best styling tips?

Knowing how to combine colours and fabrics will allow you to style an outfit from scratch. Dress according the season, and less is definitely more. 


One style you can’t live without?

A white t-shirt and high quality jeans! A timeless combination which is often taken for granted even though it can fit so well. Next to that one, it would involve a great navy blue suit. I believe every man needs one. .

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