DK Company Cph A/S
Kanonbådsvej 12A
1437 Copenhagen K
Phone: +45 70 30 28 28
Email: Matinique-Sales@dkcompany.com

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Online shop:
Banetoften 32
7500 Holstebro
TLF: +45 9741 0415
Email: matinique@designersmarket.net

Matinique provides the modern man with the wardrobe to lead a confident and enjoyable life in the city. We create fashionable collections blending formal and casual looks with high quality and affordability. This provides him with a modern style that enables him to express his individuality.

With over 40 years of experience, Matinique is the urban man’s preferred brand. Our designs are masculine, sharp, modern and functional with great attention to fabrics, a perfect fit and craftsmanship.

Matinique  | Banetoften 32 | 7500 Holstebro | tlf +45 97 41 04 15 | matinique@designersmarket.net